Investing strategically doesn’t have to put the rewards of risk out of reach.

Our flagship 3D/L Global ETF portfolios combine historically proven risk premia with a disciplined, long-term horizon.

The goal: Higher-than-expected returns, without sacrificing the benefits of strategic investing.


Trust the markets.
Learn from the past. Invest for the future.


We designed our global portfolios based on decades of ongoing financial academic research.

We don’t try to time the markets or find “mispriced” stocks, instead, we trust the markets to be efficient.

We research to understand and invest in risk factors that historically outperform over the long term, including:

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  • Inexpensive stocks outperform expensive stocks over the long run to compensate investors for the added risk of investing in cheap stocks (Fama/French 1993).

    Value Value
  • Smaller stocks, as measured by market capitalization, outperform larger stocks over the long run to compensate investors for the added risk of investing in smaller companies (Fama/French 1993).

    Small Cap Small Cap
  • Over the long-run, dividend payouts comprise a signifant portion of a stock's total return to investors (Graham 1977, Fama/French 1988).

    Dividend Dividend
  • Stocks of companies with higher profitability outperform those with lower profitability (Novy/Marx 2013, Piotroski 2000).

    Quality Quality
  • Stocks that exhibit lower price volatility outperform higher volatile stocks when adjusted for price volatility (Haugen/Heins 1975).

    Low Volatility Low Volatility
  • Stocks that have outperformed the broader market over the short- and intermediate-term on a risk-adjusted basis outperform stocks that have lagged the market (Carhart 1997).

    Momentum Momentum

To balance volatility, we diversify globally across market regions, sectors, and themes.

We maximize the probability of capturing these risk premia – by maintaining a strategic long-term investment horizon.

When warranted, we also invest in alternative equity asset classes like real estate investment trusts (REITs) and commodities.

In building our global portfolios, 3D/L is one of very few firms matching ETF (exchange traded fund) portfolios with this risk-based investment approach.

ETFs are typically more cost-effective, tax-efficient, and transparent than traditional actively managed mutual funds.

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For more on risk-based investing, check out our white paper, “Why Invest in Risk?” And download our PDF on 3D/L’s Global ETF Portfolios.


To learn about 3D/L’s family of investment portfolios, visit our 3D/L Portfolio Suite page.

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